Why Hire a Parent Coach?

Why Hire a Parent Coach?


The simple answer is – PARENTING IS HARD.  There is no manual and then making it more confusing for parents – every child has their personality, temperament, strengths, and areas of interest – they are all different.   We want the very best for our children, and we want them to be happy, but parenting can be confusing.

Questions Parents Ask?

  •  How can we parent positively without being too hard or too soft?
  • How do you set and enforce consequences that work?
  • I am so frustrated because the kids do not listen. How do I discipline lovingly and positively?
  • My partner and I do not agree on how to discipline. Is there a way to present a united front for our children without one of us feeling like we are doing it wrong.
  • When my child has a problem, I want to fix it for them. How can I help them learn to address conflict and issues that are theirs to deal with.

Having a coach will help:

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    Gain emotional support.  Feeling unsure and scared that we are not good parents can lead to confusion for both parents and children. Your coach can reassure and guide you to more positive parenting.

  2. Alternative parenting strategies.  There is more than one way to do anything.  If you only know one way to discipline, likely the same results will occur over and over. Your coach will offer alternatives connected to your core values that have worked for others.
  3. You are learning the motivation of your child’s behavior.  Every behavior has a motive. Parents can learn to tell what the child is asking for, by how they are behaving and what the parent is feeling.
  4. Understand the personal needs of yourself and your child. Your coach will guide you to identify the values and virtues most important to building your happy and successful family.

You could wait till parenting is no longer joyful or proactively learn about motivation, discipline, and emotional regulation for children and bring the joy back.  Coaching is a real help for parents with genuine concerns who are committed to parenting in a way to bring out the best in their children and themselves.

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