woman on fire….

I did a search for inspirational stories one time on ESPN to look for great athletes with amazing stories.  I found many.  Some were truly inspirational, others were great but were of overcoming obstacles created by themselves, or situation around themselves (alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.)  One day I saw this amazing video of this woman on tv.  I won’t tell you what she deals with (you can watch for yourself) but what I saw and what she does to deal with it is truly inspirational.
Everyone has problems.  Many of those problems are manageable for the majority of us.  Often it is within our power to change our behavior or change the things in our life that are causing us pain.  But there are others.  There are others who have chronic pain.  Pain, that while manageable to an extent, will never go away.  Imagine waking up in the morning and the first feeling you have, the first thought that goes into your head is that of pain.  Kate Conklin in one of these people.  What she deals with is not her fault.  It is not a result of any activity she participated in or some tragedy that befell upon her one day.  She has no one to blame.  What she has, has no explanation as to why she has to suffer every waking moment.  She lost almost everything in her life, and more importantly, almost lost her will to live.
In spite of all of this, she perseveres, quite possibly more then any of us will ever understand.  She continues to participate in the very activities that further increase her chronic pain.  She does this because it is what she loves and she refuses to sit idly and let her condition dictate her life.  She is a true master.  Please watch her story.