Vision: Bully Prevention in our schools

Here we are at the beginning of the new year and like many individuals we shall reflect on the year and what sort of goals we would like to reach this year.  For many it will be dealing with health, family, vacations, or business.  I have talked before about one of my own goals in the community and that is, dealing with the subject of bullying for students in school.

Our word of the month in January is VISION and having a vision of what you want to accomplish and what it will look like when it is done is a major step in reaching your goal.  So what does this vision look like?

I see students learning specifically what is a bully, how to use their words to deflect bullying, and I see students teaching younger students about the same.  I also see our website as a wealth of information for teachers and parents and what they can do to intervene when these situations come up.  I will be sharing resources that will educate and encourage all of us to meet this head on.

Can you picture in your mind our students having the courage to stand up to those that would pick on others or those that exclude others.  It is a mindset that we can set the example for and help our students see the value in practicing.  Our students can be heroes in their own school by stepping up to this challenge.

Our success in this goal, in our vision, is tied to our community working together.   We know WHY we want to do this, it is for the safe education of our children and now we must work on the HOW by developing specific actions and deadlines.  If you are interested in helping with defining this in our community please feel free to talk to me about this goal.   If your child has ever been bullied you understand the importance of this goal.

Parents and Teacher Can Correct the Bully Problem in School and at Home

Setting ourselves up for success both as parents and a teachers requires first that we recognized the A,B, C’s of both the good and bad behaviors that we want to either change or continue.  Lets look at what that means:

4 Steps for Parents and Teachers to Prevent Bullying at Home and School

Schools are not feeling as safe for many students as they once were.  In fact on any given day 160,000 students stay at home due to fear of bullying or other forms of violence here in the United States.  Everyone involved have concern in regard to the safety of children in school, from the children themselves to the parents and educators.  Yet for many educators prevention and intervention is difficult due to a lack of specific training.

Added to this is the issue that many times both teachers and parents have certain beliefs that we will discuss in detail later that tend to cause them to overlook true bullying situations.  When this overlooking occurs it leads the students to believe that the teacher or parent is not concerned or does not care or that they simply are unaware of the situation or problem leading them not to come forward to speak about the issue.

If there is one thing that the research shows Continue reading “4 Steps for Parents and Teachers to Prevent Bullying at Home and School”

Bully Prevention: Parent & Teachers role

We are all teachers.  No matter our other roles in life, we are all teachers.  Parents, siblings, teachers, administrators, public officials – all of us are teachers who are watched and on some level emulated.  So everything that we do and say is key to the growth and development of the youth in our society.
There is one thing that is clear about our roles in society.  If we want to reduce the amount of bullying that takes place in society in both young and old we must all be willing to intervene when we see it occurring.  Doing so will reduce and prevent bullying and the impact it has on our youth.  This is true for everyone, but especially teachers and parents.  It is with this belief in mind that I have researched this subject and will begin to report my findings here in this setting.
As in any subject or area that we want to make changes, our own personal awareness and knowledge effects our ability to make changes either in ourselves or in others.  I hope that parents and teachers will use this resource as a way of increasing their own awareness, as we work and report on ways to control and prevent bullying from taking place by attacking the root causes of the problems.  The goal here is to work on solutions and not just to point out the problems and difficulties.  This requires complete buy in that we can make a difference and then the energy to follow through.