“O, the places you’ll go!”

As a parent or teacher, it can often be hard having confidence in what you are doing, especially in times when everything you see and hear is telling/showing you that you are wrong.  It takes conviction, discipline, compromise, and most of all it takes love.  It takes love to tell your child “no” in a loving manner.  It takes love to be the “bad parent/teacher” by not giving into every demand.  It takes love to turn around and smile at your child when we say these things instead of saying it as if the two of you are equals in life and are arguing on equal ground.
The word of the month is confidence.  As I was looking through the student journals, I always take interest at reading little things the students write down.  I ran across someone whose knowledge book was “O, the places you’ll go” by Dr. Seuss.  I remembered reading this book.  In fact I remember reading a lot of books when I was younger.  Now I never read them alone because I strongly disliked reading, or anything else really that required me to focus that long on something.  But I read.  I read because my mom read to me.  She would make me sound out words, never scolding me for incorrectly saying the wrong word or crying when I get tired of reading.
Let me tell you who my mom is, but first a little about me.  To say I was difficult Continue reading ““O, the places you’ll go!””