Ryan R. supports Kidsico Orphanage in Kenya

toys sent to orphanage in Kenya

My service project was to help collect gifts for the Kidsico Orphange in Mongomu,Kenya.  Our youth group at church made denim bags for each of the kids and we filled them with little toys and school supplies.

students receiving gifts

I picked out the animals in the picture.  We made flash cards with the names of the animals in English and Swahili.  The pastor in Africa sent us pictures of the kids with the presents we sent.   I think they really liked my gift!

Helping Kids with Cancer, James K.

Dear Mr. Joe,
My name is James K. and I’m in the 9-12 year old class on Mondays and Wednesdays at Balanced Life Skills. One of my friends in school told me about his cousin who has suffered with cancer for three years. Each year he participates in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser. St. Baldrick’s helps children with cancer. I decided to help too, and I found out that one in five children diagnosed with cancer will not survive.
I’m trying to raise money to help stop children’s cancer, and I was wondering if anyone at Balanced Life Skills wanted to make a tax-deductible contribution of any amount. On March 12th at Fado’s Irish Pub in Annapolis, I will deliver all the money I raise and that’s when they are going to shave my head! In a show of support for children with cancer who lose their hair during treatment, fundraisers go bald. I can’t believe Mom and Dad are letting me. They said it’s for a good cause, and that my hair will, eventually, grow back.
You may also access my event webpage if you wish to make an online donation.


For more information here is a St. Baldrick Fact Sheet describing the Conquer Kids’ Cancer Project and The St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

Clean up project by Cameron W.

completed job!

I picked up trash at the beach with two trash bags.  I started at the entrance in the woods, then I went to the playground, then to the rocks and thats when I found a pile that someone must have left there when they were heading to the beach.  Then I went to the beach and I found sytrafoam, milk bottles tops, plastic bottles, beer bottles, and all sorts of stuff.  I ended up with two bags full.

cleaning up
cleaning up!