Lunar Eclipse Reminds Us To Appreciate Our Lives

Last night one of the most interesting solar events took place.  It was a lunar eclipse, which in and of itself is not that unusual, but becomes more unusual when you realize that it fell on the winter solstice.  The last time that happened was hundreds of years ago, say 372 years to be exact and will not happen again till 2094.  I am pretty sure I will not be here in the flesh at that time so……

At 3 AM I was awakened to go out in the cold and observe.  Though I stayed only for a few minutes, the photo I have featured here is what I saw. (I did not take this photo)  It was amazing and inspiring.  I would have liked to have stayed up to watch the entire event, as the sky was clear and the stars bright, but it was not happening that morning.  (There are many mornings that 3:30 is my wake up time)

Observing the solar system in this manner, or nature in general, has always inspired me to think Continue reading “Lunar Eclipse Reminds Us To Appreciate Our Lives”