BLS student highlighted on CNN

One of our students, Kaelyn, was highlighted on CNN for the letter she wrote to the families of Sandy Hook ES in Newtown, CT.   Here a link to the report:  Children reach out to Newtown

In addition I have enclosed a letter written by Sarah Montgomery with the Chesapeake Life Center in regard to helping our children and ourselves with these difficult conversations.    I hope this information is helpful to you and all in our community.  If more help is needed please feel free to call on us here at Balanced Life Skills or our friends at the Chesapeake Life Center.

Dear Chesapeake Life Center Family and Friends,

It is with sadness that we, along with the rest of the country, process the tragic loss of life at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  As my nine year old daughter prepared for bedtime Friday evening, we talked about what had happened and she said, “Mom, the parents must be especially sad because school is supposed to be a safe place.”  Yes, school is supposed to be a safe place. Continue reading “BLS student highlighted on CNN”