Animal Safety Program

I am pleased to announce that due to the efforts of one of our parents in the school, we will be presenting a program opened to the public about safety with animals.  We are privleged to have Candi Nilsson who works for the Anne Arundel Animal Control Office as an educator in their Humane Education Program.  The program’s focus is to teach “basic animal safety and care” to children.  Event date is October 24th at 10:30 AM at the Balanced Life Skills Studio.

She will be accompanied by pet and program “ambassador,” Benny the Frog.  Benny is a French bulldog who likes to sit on a table so he can see everyone. (this is not Benny, but aren’t bull dogs cute?)

Everyone is invited to come and bring a guest.  The last time we had animals with us in the studio was with the SPCA.  At that time we contributed to them a very large amount of supplies and food that they needed for their pets.  I will keep everyone informed as we speak to Ms. Nilsson if there is anything we can do to support their work.  Share this with all of your friends and neighbors.