Ryan R. performs leadership with art

For my service project I worked with my grandmother to design an art project from my class to complete together for the fundraising auction at our school.   We designed an under the sea collage.  My class divided into groups and each completed a square.  Marmee and I painted the background, and my group did the treasure chest square. We named it “Shark Bottom”.  The golden shark is the one I made.  It was lots of fun, and here is a picture of it all finished.

Hailey & Ryan S. deliver food to Lighthouse Shelter

carrying food into Lighthouse Shelter

Ryan says:  We delivered some food to the place called the Lighthouse Shelter.  Its a place where people can go tot get food because they are hungry and they don’t have any money to buy themselves any food.  We brought them food because they said they really needed some help and so we asked what they needed and we went to Target and got some of the things.  And then my sister Hailey and I delivered the bas to the Lighthouse Shelter.  Well I hope the people can have some food now.  (6 years old.)

Hailey says:  We got to Target and mom got some food for the Lighthouse Shelter.  Some of the things we got were peanut butter, cans of vegetables, cherieos, rice and strawberries.  It made me feel happy to give to people who can’t afford money and now they can have some food to eat so hopefully they will like the food we gave to them.

I like doing this, maybe I will be able to do it alot but I want to help buy the food next time.  I am looking froward to be helpful to the Lighthouse Shelter.  It was fun!

PS.  At first I didn’t want to write this but now that I did I feel real good.