Yuxugong Temple

Main building under construction
Birdseye view courtesy of Google

I thought I’d post some pics of the temple where we train every day.

This is Yuxugong Temple. It was built in 1413 by the 3rd Ming Emperor. Today it is hard to imagine what it must have looked like then, rich with ornate buildings and lush gardens. It was expanded in the 1500s, and over the following centuries it has burned down, been rebuilt, and burned down again.

Workers are now in the process of renovating it. In 2008, when I first came here, they had just re-roofed the surrounding wall and some of the remaining stone structures. They are now rebuilding the main altars, wood structures of which nothing was left but the footings. In a few more years, it will be a proper tourist trap and we wouldn’t want to train there anymore even if were permitted to. But for now it is beautifully run-down in places, and an inspiring place to train every day.

Keyed locations: 1) Entrance gate 2) Red gate (with inner and outer courtyards where we train) 3) Location of newly rebuilt minor altar 4) Location of newly rebuilt main temple building 5) Former hospital buildings which are now our dormitories.

Red Gate, which divides the two courtyards where we train



View from dorms in the snow
View from keyed location 3 toward Red Gate

Gift Wrap Project

Last night we took a group of students and parents to the Sheraton Hotel to do gift wrapping with the Jr. League.  For the second year in a row now we have wrapped gifts for the 234 foster children in our county so that they will have a holiday season that will bring some joy to their lives.
With 3 to 4 gifts contributed for each child by the citizens of AA County, it is quite a chore.  But with all that we have learned on the mat in our martial arts training about focus and discipline we were able to complete all the wrapping in just one hour.  Here are some photos from our evening.

June Belt Testing

This was one of the best belt test. Everyone did a great job. I have posted all of the photos I have at this time and they are available for you to see by clicking on the link below. If anyone has any other photos that you took and would like to share them with us please do so. These are great memories for us all. I think about Jackson C. who just moved to Maine. His mom brought us some photos in, including the one of him getting his white belt over 3 years ago, and it just made all of us think about all the progress he had made. Think what it will be like as our students grow and one day when they earn their black belt and we have photos of them when they were 6 years old – doing there best!!
Click on photo to see the whole album of photos.

Jr. Diabetes Walk

Sunday morning turned out to be a beautiful day for the Jr. Diabetes walk. So many of our students turned out many of them I did not see till we were walking or they were headed home. This was great to show our support for Chris and everyone else that deals with this everyday. Now we need to defend ourselves from Type 2 and BLS will be continuing to talk about how to protect ourselves, not only to our students, but to the community as well.
I am sorry that I did not get more photos of those that attended. I had a great time walking with our students and their families. Thank you again!
[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.507707&w=425&h=350&fv=host%3Dpicasaweb.google.com%26captions%3D1%26RGB%3D0x000000%26feed%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fpicasaweb.google.com%252Fdata%252Ffeed%252Fapi%252Fuser%252FJoe.VanDeuren%252Falbumid%252F5189072096908063329%253Fkind%253Dphoto%2526alt%253Drss%2526authkey%253D16XIoIQreQc] from picasaweb.google.com posted with vodpod