Christmas Jar project

I have been moved by the stories I have heard this season about the use of the ‘Christmas Jar’ by families in communties around the United States.  I would like to propose that we start our own tradition at Balanced Life Skills with all of our classes.  The concept teaches a number of lessons that are valuable for all of us.

One lesson is how a little bit of action on a daily basis adds up to a total that yields great results.

Second lesson I draw from this is an awareness we can develop of the needs of our neighbors and the satisfaction we gain by taking action to be kind to others.

Third lesson is taking a moment each day to contemplate what we are grateful for that day.  I would suggest that taking a moment to consider all we have to be thankful for would reduce the desire we have for wanting more. 

I added a page to our site – Christmas Jar Project.  If anyone in our community would like to join in this project please do so on a personal level or with us.  What a great way of practicing kindness.

Living Hero: Pam Dorr

I would like to introduce you to one of my living hero’s, Pam Dorr. I have attached a video that is a brief description of the work she does in Alabama after a completely different career. This year I was not able to attend the UBBT event that is held one time per year in Alabama, but after reveiwing how I felt about missing this event, I have promised myself not to let that happen again.
The opportunity to work with such visionaries is so inspiring that it is not something I can afford to miss from a personal level. If anyone would like to join me next April in a trip to Alabama please let me know.
The video you are about to see was filmed and created by one of our UBBT members.