Life Skills: Teaching Children Perseverance by Finding Their Passion

Teaching character and life skills to students
The P in SPARK stands for PASSION.  Developing passion in our children is something that we all would like to see happen.  Sometimes we see a child who seems passionate about a sport or another activity, but find out it is really about their friends being there and not really passion.  On the other hand we may have a child who does not seem to be interested in anything – and isn’t that frustrating, especially if we feel like all they want to do is sit and …..(fill in the blank) 

Our job as a parent is to expose our children to a variety of activities and interests.  While we may find one child interested in reading or math – another child may have a passion for one particular sport or activity like horseback riding or nature.  Some children will thrive with competition and teams while others would rather do something by themselves.  The martial arts if taught in a manner that does not promote competition may be a perfect fit for someone who does not want to compete.  If we are not sure where their head is at, we can keep trying by listening to them and paying attention to what appears to make them happy.  Then you can do what you can to expose them to and promote their interest.

One word of warning though.  Not all children will be interested in the same things and certainly not interested in what the parents may want them to be interested in.  Trying to find what our child is passionate for calls for a certain amount of non-ownership, allowing the child to express themselves and then doing what you can to support their interest.

One small side note:  One of my children, the youngest, showed an interest in books and films.  He would spend hours reading and watching films.  As he was exposed to that world more and more he eventually went to college for creative writing and now has a book published.  I can tell you that understanding the level of that passion and watching him go to a college for writing is hard for a parent – but one that has resulted in a very happy young adult.

Passion for your vision

Below is a post I made this morning in a new site I have been working on for the past month or so.  Once a week I am trying to post some thoughts on leadership.

To become a leader we must have a reason to do so.  Now there may be times when a person is thrust into a situation where leadership is necessary, but most of the time leaders come out of a vision or a passion from within themselves.  We have all heard the saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  We can add to that by saying that a person without a dream never had a dream come true, or never had a journey they felt compelled to take.
What is your vision, your journey?   It may not be the same as someone else, but when others look in your eyes what do they see?  Do they see the excitement for the new day coming?  Do they see you as a person looking to the future for what could be?  As they see the belief in your eyes, they will follow you.  You are a leader.

Would you like to read more on this subject?  Watch for this new site “Art of Leadership”