Our responsibility

From the time I first started training in the martial arts and could see the impact it could have on a persons life, I realized that I had a responsibility to be my best and then to share this ‘art’ with others.  The responsibility was not just to teach the physical side of the martial arts, but really to show the benefits of practicing everything you need on the floor training, everywhere else you go in the world.
What is that responsibility?  The responsibility is to be a role model to both parents and children.  One teacher recently called me a life coach for the kids.  That is a lot of responsibility.  But really is that not what all adults are or can be?  Are we not life coaches to our own kids first and then do we not have a responsibility to the next generation as a whole?
I believe that we should inspire them to do their best, to cheer them on, to find the good in them, to do what is best for them – even if it is not popular with them at first.  Oh the first and best way to do that is to practice it ourselves.  Give our best, Cheer ourselves on and find the good in ourselves and celebrate it, Correct what we need to correct in ourselves and do what is the right and best thing for ourselves even if it is not convenient or popular with ourselves.  Our kids will learn from us by the example better than what we say with our words.