Effective Listening

I wanted to add to a little bit of what I had mentioned in a earlier post.  Mainly I want to revise what may of been misinterpreted as “listen and try to understand everything that is said” to a more conventional statement of “try your best to be mindful of what you hear and what is said, but hey, no one’s perfect”.  It would be a bit much to ask that we all start today by going out and investing 100% of our energy into making each conversation we have with someone meaningful.  The fact is that we are busy people in a busy world, so let me talk about what I think we all can do (today) in this busy world of ours.
If you know anything about me, one thing is I enjoy talking. Continue reading “Effective Listening”

Agricultural Education Day

This Saturday according to an announcement in the paper last night, there will be an Agricultural Education Day in Harwood Maryland at the corner of Rt 2 South and Birdsville Road.  The event will be held from 11 AM to 6 PM with all sorts of displays and demonstrations.  Though I have not been to this event before, it sounds like an interesting event with the opportunity to get to learn a little more about our local food producers.  
For more information you can go to their site at Agricultural Day.  I am going to try to spend a little bit of time their myself, as I am interested in promoting the idea of awareness of where our food comes from and getting to know and appreciate our local farmers.  Maybe we will see you there.