The Baby Sleep Project

I would like to share with everyone a project that was started by one of our students and his mom.  It is called the Baby Sleep Project.  The story is moving, the results amazing and the help that we can give will help others have the same miraculous results. 

I will not tell you the story here, but encourage you to read it for yourself.  I will tell you that it is about a baby born pre-mature, with half of a heart.  The work done on him by the doctors was just unbelievable.  The complimentary work continued by his parents though may have been the difference in his survival. 

The Baby Sleep Project

The Baby Sleep Project is about helping other babies have the same recovery as this story.  With the blessing of the doctors and belief by them that this work done was contributory to his regaining his strength and life, I encourage you to look at this project.  We are trying to reach a goal prior to our young man’s 11th birthday.  


Vitamin D in kids

Recently the the American Academy of Pediactrics recommended that all children from newborns to teens should get twice as much Vitamin D as had been previously recommended.  Doctors are now saying they should have 400 units each day.
While vitamin D can be found in many different foods, most kids do not get enough.  Interestingly enough though vitamin D is made in your body when sunshine hits the skin.  This is an amazing source and goes back to the idea of No Child Left Inside.
All things with balance of course, but I thought you may enjoy the information in this article I found on sources of vitamin D in our food.  Foods that provide vitamin D