Making choices or living on automatic?

It is that time of the year again when we take a moment to look at our life, where we are and what direction we are headed.  When we make conscious choices that reflect what our goals and vision for our life is, we are taking charge of our life and thinking about the  affect of our choices on our future. 

But when we forget about our deepest desires, we may find ourselves running our life from an automatic mode that generally will find us following the patterns of the past.  This trance we find ourselves in takes no effort, it is very familiar to us.  We just go about our days doing the same thing we always do, without consciously considering the  long term vision we have for our lives. 

What about this year 2010?  What if we were to begin choosing our path?  What if we wrote down our real goals –  ones from the heart – and then consciously made choices that brought us closer to those goals?  The other choice is to spend another year asleep at the wheel, allowing our past way of doing things and our fears  to limit our future and take away our dreams.

That is what Live Like a Champion is about.  Taking one year that we choose how we are going to live and reach our goals.  A year that we gather around ourselves a team of others who want to do the same and that encourage each other to do so.  When we choose the direction we are going it always helps to have others around to support our efforts.  Join me this year in Live Like a Champion.

Commitments to ourselves

One of the most important kind of commitments we ever make is the promises that we make to ourselves. We know that our ability to keep promises to others will have an affect on the way they view us. They will see us as someone they can trust, or that we are reliable, dependable and responsible.

Did you know that the way we keep or not keep promises to ourselves has the same effect on us personally. If we continuously make promises to ourselves, and then break it we are not showing the same respect for ourselves that we show to others. This has a very negative affect on the way we feel about ourselves.

Lets say we promise ourselves to take a walk everyday for exercise, and we do so for 4 days straight. But then we let various things get in the way of our keeping this commitment. In affect we are lying to ourselves, and we begin to see ourselves as not reliable or dependable. This then allows us to give up in other areas of our life on commitments and soon we find that our self respect is very low. Do you know how good you feel about yourself when you keep commitments to yourself?

Showing commitment to ourselves will make a difference in our success in life and it will help us keep our commitments to others.

Read about Mr. Joe’s commitment to the Ultimate Black Belt Test that started in January 2009 and will be completed with the final test in February 2010. He recently committed to the “Live Like a Champion” journey that begins in January 2010. His journal is My Journey.