Life Skills: Respect For Teachers

Learning From and Showing Respect For Our Teachers

In our lives we will have quite a few teachers.  They will come to us as older, younger and our age.  They will come as good, bad and indifferent influences.  Even with that in mind, everyone of them will influence our life experiences.  Some of them will be in front of a classroom, while others we will read their teachings or experiences.  Some of them will be in the flesh, others will be in the media or the internet.  Some will be there when we least expected them and others will show up, shall we say unwanted (though needed).

Some of them will have virtually no impact on us.  We will get through their classes or be taught a skill by them and after our test we will be done with them.  Others we will be reminded of from time to time when their subject comes up in our lives.  Still others will be on our shoulder constantly reminding us of something that was important to them and more probably, important to both of us.  We may not have even known it was important to us until they made us aware.

When we are young and still in school we can show respect for our teachers by Continue reading “Life Skills: Respect For Teachers”