Self Defense Classes – College Bound Students

Self defense programs

Women's self defense

 Objectives & Practice

Mental / Awareness: Learn to be aware of yourself, your surroundings and an attackers likely strategies.  The #1 way of being safe:  Avoid bad situations.

Ability To Escape: Escape is always your goal.  No complicated self defense techniques that will leave your memory when under stress.  Simple escape methods from the most common grabs.

Fighting For Survival: Learn to strike attackers in target areas  with  intention of damaging to create the space needed to free yourself, escape and avoid the worst.

 Held at Balanced Life Skills

The 3 Stages of Self Defense: for students headed to college.

3 hour training $85.00 each student – held in our facility

Separate classes for young men and women

8 – 20 students in each class


Available for High Schools:

IN YOUR SCHOOL 3 Stages of Self Defense –  2 hour course with a complete overview to protecting yourself.  Awareness, techniques to escape bad situations,  target striking areas for your escape. The same information as the 3 hour class, a little less practice time & held at your location. $50 per student (8 -20 students in each class)   Insurance certificate provided.

After the Intro course – Practice Sessions are available –  Every group has the option to have one hour practice sessions – $25 per student / per session (minimum of 6 participants each session)