Consulting & Speaking Engagements

Meet Joe Van Deuren, Owner Balanced Life Skills

Joe Van Deuren is known as “Mr. Joe” amongst his students and the community.  He is known for his way with reaching both young people and adults moving them to be there very best.  He is the father of a melded family of 4 kids.   The school he started in 2003 uses the arts – performing, visual and martial arts, as a launch pad to teach character building and to encourage community service, with both adults and children being moved by his passion for serving others.

For many years Joe has worked with children and parents who were dealing with bullying situations and has spent countless hours educating and consulting with parents and educators on creating a culture of kindness in our schools and communities.  In the last 6 years his work has expanded into youth suicide prevention and in anger management.

All of these subjects are akin to his real message from the martial arts side of his background, and that is, SELF DEFENSE IS NOT JUST KICKING AND PUNCHING.  When we defend ourselves we need to do so against any of those things that will really hurt us.  Those are the subject matters that “Mr. Joe” will speak to any group about.

The four areas of expertise that are typically addressed are:

Bullying Prevention: Who are the characters involved?  What can we do if our child is being bullied or is the bully?  For existing situations one on one coaching and classes are great for starting the process of relief for the target and all who are involved. Learn what we need to teach our child and how to keep them from becoming an aggressive person.

Recommended:  Balanced Life Skills classes & one on one coaching
Anger Management: Learn about anger, its effects, and triggers while starting the process of management.

Recommended: Balanced Life Skills classes  along with Group & one on one coaching

Suicide Prevention:  An introduction to the issue and the training that will help each of us save a life.  Follow up training is available.  This training is done FREE and is only 1.5 hours at your convenience.  Please check our page QPR Suicide Prevention for the next scheduled class.

Recommended:  QPR training

Self Defense – A Global View – what are the things in life that we really need to protect ourselves from and how can we do it.  A real look at self defense and the areas that all of us should consider to protect ourselves and our families.

Recommended: Balanced Life Skills classes, one on one coaching

We look forward to speaking to your group on any of the listed subjects.  If you would like something in regard to a specific parenting issue, please call and speak to Mr. Joe Van Deuren.

One on One Coaching

While bringing his message to groups in the community is very important to his mission of teaching peace, Mr. Joe also provides one on one and group coaching in a number of areas including:

Anger Management


Bully Prevention

He works well with young people, while finding that working with the parents and others is very successful in understanding what options are available and how to implement them.  It is important for parents to be able to work with their children on a daily basis in the areas needed.

Please call and set up a FREE 20 consultation for any coaching work – just to be sure it is the right fit.