Diabetes Awareness

On Saturday March 29 at our studio we put on a program to bring about some awareness to the subject of diabetes. around 30 kids and their parents were able to attend along with some from the community who are not a part of our school. Included in the program was a short video prepared by myself, with the guidance of the Defeat Diabetes Foundation, and two of our students parents who are ‘experts’ due to their first hand experience with the disease.
I tried to include the video we used (that didn’t work)but here are some pictures of the kids doing an art project and getting to know ‘Chris’ who came to show off his pump and let the kids see that even if you have diabetes you are able to do anything you want, you just have to be careful with your level of sugar in your blood stream.
What a great kid he was and we had a lot of fun and learned a lot too. Before beginning the preparation of this day, I was really clueless about this disease. Thanks to everyone involved I know a little bit more and certainly enough that I know we need to have empathy for those who live with this and we must defend ourselves from Type 2 diabetes. Watch the video and learn more. Join us on April 13 at the Naval Academy Stadium with your art work and lets walk to raise awareness of Jr. Diabetes and to support Chris and his family.


Younger students:

Camaraderie means: “We’re all so happy to be good friends!”

Older students, teens and adults:

Camaraderie means: In the spirit of friendship and goodwill.

Anger Management

Younger students:

Anger management means “I calm my self down when I feel angry!”

Older students, teens and adults

Anger management means dealing with anger in a positive, safe and fair way.

SPCA Day- January 27 2007

Balanced Life Skills and the SPCA - January 2007

A big thank you for everyone who came out and supported our SPCA day here at Balanced Life Skills! We raised so much food and other animal supplies and had a great time. After the event, Anne told us that you guys were the most behaved group of students she has had. Great job, no push ups!


Younger students:

Charity means: “Giving to people in need.”

Older students, teens and adults:

Charity means giving to people in need without expecting anything in return.


Younger students:

Appreciation means: “I am thankful.” and “I think you are special!”

Older students, teens and adults:

Appreciation means expressing or showing respect and gratitude.