Career Day Talks

Career Day

The typical Career Day presentation answers questions like:

What do you do, how do you do it, what do you like about it. What are the benefits, what does your day look like.  While answering those questions,  Joe Van Deuren (Mr. Joe) takes his message to a different & higher level.

Final-2-287x300His work as a self defense instructor goes beyond the physical defense of blocking and escaping dangers.  His form of self defense reminds every student to remember that all of us can be Black Belts in self defense by:

Protecting ourselves from the things in life that really hurt us. 

Eating healthy, caring for the environment, reading, exercise, doing your best in school is all self-defense.  Then he teaches the students the greatest self-defense of all is:

Kindness & Respect

The conclusion is a challenge to all students to do a NINJA Act of Kindness.  He challenges each student to pull off three acts of kindness without the recipient knowing who did the act.  This 25-minute classroom program is exciting for the kids and leaves them with a message of doing good for others.

Mr. Van Deuren’s Career Talks are done at no cost to your school.  The benefit of encouraging students to be kind to teachers,  parents and each other is invaluable.  Teachers are welcomed to continue encouraging this kindness theme.

CALL and SCHEDULE  a Career Talk for your class.

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