Balanced Life Coaching

Balanced Life Parent Coaching

Balanced Life Parent Coaching is a private practice created to support parents and families to bring out the best in their children and themselves by offering an approach that respects the uniqueness of children, parents, and families. We empower the whole family to remember who they are and to live by their highest values, creating the life they most wished for.

The coaching process respects the values and virtues of individuals and family. Through education, perspectives, and skills learned, families, will not miss the valuable opportunities which happen every day to address their children’s social, emotional, and character development and at the same time bring out their best parenting self.

BLPC Mission

To empower adults to peacefulness, cooperation, unity, and effectiveness in family life so that our next generation grows up safe, healthy, successful, and happy.

BLPC Vision

Families are working as a team to reach the common goals defined by them for safe, healthy, successful, and happy individuals. The parents are confident and active educators; the children are learning to make responsible and moral choices, with high self-esteem and living life to their full potential.

BLPC Process

Beginning where each family is at this time, collaborating on the mission/purpose of the family, and using the virtues most valuable to the family to learn to educate, guide, set boundaries, discipline in a way that builds strong character and cooperation in the family.

BLPC Services –  Coaching & Education

Parent coaching offers the opportunity to explore your team (your family) and use those findings to create a united front as we raise our children. Sometimes though, we need a solution right now, one that works and that we can get behind and implement right now. BLPC offers both opportunities, working with individuals, single parents, couples, or groups. Education opportunities on a variety of subjects, either on-site or by webinars so that all can have access to getting questions or concerns answered. Schedule Appointment

BLPC Location

BLPC located in Annapolis, MD, where we offer a variety of coaching and education services for parents. Of course, we are also available by phone or video conferencing for clients across the country. Our dream is to travel to your town in our camper and learn more about your area of the country while supporting parents in their quest to bring out the best in our children.