Loyalty is faithfulness, integrity and trustworthiness

We have spent some time discussing loyalty from the viewpoint of how others treat us, but just as important is how we show devotion to our family, values, morals and what we believe. Loyalty is intimately connected to faithfulness, integrity, and trustworthiness.

When I think about faithfulness to my family, I want to be sure to speak up for them, not speak poorly of them, giving them the respect they deserve as a family member. This is true for how we talk about our friends, community, schools, teams and other groups or organizations to which we belong. If there is a need to make corrections with them or to guide them in a different direction doing so in a manner that is disrespectful is not showing loyalty to them or our higher self.

Our integrity to our beliefs will keep us loyal to living our best selves in both public and private ways. How duplicitous it would be to be one kind of person at school and another at home. Or what if we supported a friend to their face and talked about them when they were not around? Keeping the integrity of our morals, values, and ethics no matter where we are or who we are with may take courage at times but is the practice of loyalty.

Trustworthiness grows when everyone knows who we are, what we stand for, and that we keep our word and commitments when we make them to a person, place or cause. Staying loyal to ourselves strengthens our courage to stand up for what is right. Living our life based on the principles we believe in grows our trust in ourselves and that of others around us.

With loyalty, our first commitment is to the truth.

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