How to choose a positive attitude

The formula that will help us to check on our attitude is:

Thoughts become Feelings that show in Attitude that is displayed by Actions.

The good news is that we can choose and change our attitude simply by changing and choosing how we think, feel, speak and act.


Our thoughts may be spoken out loud or quietly to ourselves spurring a feeling about a given situation or person. Choosing different words, even changing our physiology (the way we sit, stand or walk) we begin to feel different about the situation. Our feelings are demonstrated in our attitude that is seen by others in our actions. Or we may take an action that previously we chose not to take because of how we felt about the person or situation.


Changing our attitude is not easy to do. One question I have found that helps in any situation that is discouraging, when we see our thoughts going negative and feel our attitude changing for the “dark side” is asking – What is good about this?  Our immediate answer, the one we make before we think about it is almost always a very strong NOTHING!
But then ask yourself, “If there was something good, what would or could it be?”  Make your brain search for the possible positive thoughts. Our brain, like Google, will find what we ask for and soon we will come up with a few answers. We are now on our way to changing our feelings, attitude, and actions.

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