Can you pick out a negative attitude?

A positive attitude can grow and spread quickly, but a negative attitude compounds faster. This is especially true when we are on a team. And our family is our most important team. A positive attitude brings about unity and creates a supportive atmosphere. A negative attitude creates discord and defensive actions and feelings. How do we know if we are someone else has a negative attitude? It can be difficult sometimes but here are some of the warning signs.


  1. Not able to admit being wrong. Thinking we are perfect and not able to admit we made a mistake is a difficult teammate. The inability to admit mistakes creates conflict.
  2. Holding a grudge and not able to forgive. Everyone likes to be given the opportunity to make amends, and if we constantly remind them of the mistakes they have made or refuse to forgive others, it hurts the team.
  3. Jealousy of others accomplishments. Everyone has different and unique talents they bring to the team. If one person is jealous of others who have received a reward instead of being happy for them, it brings a negative feeling on to the team.
  4. The disease of “Me’ism.”  If one member of the team thinks more of themselves than others or is a hog for all the credit, it simply does not leave room for real teamwork.
  5. Always criticizing others. Being critical of others in a condescending manner never builds up. Criticism is when offered in an evil spirit can only tear down.

In the end, all negative attitudes are the result of selfishness. Our goal is to be positive and find ways of building others up and making our team work together for our vision and all that we value. Families that have that kind of respect for each other enjoy peacefulness on their team.

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