Our positive attitude helps children believe in themselves

Having a positive attitude does not guarantee success. However, a negative attitude just about assures failure. Our attitude is the reflection of our beliefs and has the power to overcome even a certain amount of lack of talent to lead us to success.

Our attitude also affects others around us, especially team members like our family. Our edge in life and the family is in our positive attitude about ourselves and even our family members. When a parent is upbeat and believes in their children having gifts of character, children respond to the expectations in a positive manner. If a parent is negative about a child and puts them down with words or attitude, the child will most likely give up the effort to succeed.

The words we use with each other create beliefs that live with us for a long time – even forever. If a young child described by their parents to others as shy by saying, “Oh she’s just shy,”  the child will soon be using that word as an excuse not to do something they do not want to do. Just like when a child described as “stupid” “lazy” or “mean”, will have those words ringing in their ears well into adulthood as a belief of who they are as a person.

It is so important for children and all of us to believe in themselves and be positive. Every virtue we have can be positive or negative – so let’s find the positive virtues in our children and ourselves. When we believe in our strong virtues, it makes it easier to work on those that are not as developed. We believe in our determination and perseverance to be our best.

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