Determination is time and effort resulting in success

Reaching our goals comes from putting forth the effort and time on a task. If we want to learn to swim, we do so with effort and time. Soon we can “swim in the deep end”. If we want to expand our knowledge, we spend more time and put in more effort, and we learn new strokes. Then if we use our determination, we get faster and stronger and can swim longer amounts of time.

If we want to master swimming even greater success can come with more time and effort. If our goal is to be one of the best in the world we put in the effort. The consequence of hard work is a success. Those who stay determined don’t quit and are rewarded. Muhammad Ali said, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”  We may not have that as our goal in swimming, but what is so important to us that we will put in the time and effort to be a champion?

If you are a parent, how do you show that you want to be the best parent you can be?  If you are a student how do you demonstrate that you are determined to learn and apply what you are learning? No matter what we set our sights on accomplishing, being the best we can be is accomplished when we practice determination by:

  • Focusing our energy on a purpose
  • Don’t give up easily, even when difficulties arise.
  • If one path does not work, we try another
  • We stay undistracted
  • We complete each task step by step.

Be thankful for determination. Determination is the wind in your sails.

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