Goal setting and determination for children

Determination begins with having a purpose or a goal in mind that we feel connected to make sure it gets accomplished. Teaching our children to set specific goals and to work towards achieving them is a first step in helping them to get to know themselves.  What is it they want to achieve?

With young children, we will need to educate them about the necessity of reaching individual goals. We will need to help them to see the benefits of education and help them to develop a growth mindset, so they have the joy of learning. Later they will be able to establish goals for themselves that will reflect their interests and what they want to accomplish. When they do set a goal, we want to encourage them to use their determination to achieve their goal.

Teaching our children how to set goals and learning to see themselves succeed and believe that they can reach it by staying determined is one of the most important skills we can give our children. We can Speak the Language of the Virtues to keep them on track and help them see that they already have Determination inside themselves to achieve anything they are willing to put the effort and work to accomplish.

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