What Gives Determination To Succeed?

Determination begins with having a goal, purpose or mission. When we want something very much we can use determination to keep our eyes on the outcome we desire. Our outcome is what matters to us, so we use the ABC’s of determination.  We Act, Believe, and Commit.   We transform fears about not being able to accomplish our goal by using our courage.

With determination, we do not allow excuses or our fears to get in the way of pressing forward. We take Action because we Believe in ourselves and our mission.  We are committed to seeing our mission accomplished. But what is it that determined people know or have that is different from others that back away when things get tough?

Determined people know they will make mistakes. Determined people know they may not succeed the first time. Determined people have the courage to look for new ways of approaching their goal. They keep one phrase in their mind that helps them get through those times of failure. That phrase is “ I have not succeeded YET!” They believe in that word “YET”, knowing that it is just a matter of time, practice and determination before we are successful.  There is no fear of failure.

What goals do you have that require determination? Do you have a larger purpose or mission in life that you are willing to ACT on, BELIEVE in and COMMIT too?  Are you prepared to see some failures without giving up?

As I write this post I have to think about the commitment needed for parenting. What are you willing to do? Begin with considering what the purpose of your family is, what is your family mission? Determination does not have to be just about getting through the day.  In fact, when the whole family is on the same mission – family life is the best!

Coming soon is my book, “In our house we…”, a story about a family who learned to articulate their mission and how to get all the kids on board.

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