The Three Skills of Cooperation

As a parent one of the most important virtues we want to see in our children is cooperation.  We would like to have cooperation when we ask them to do a task, to get ready, playing with their siblings and when we need something done.  But cooperation is a leadership quality.


I doubt there is anyone that would assert that they got to their position all by themselves. Someone was there to help them, together with others we were able to accomplish a goal or dream that we had. Learning cooperation as a way of moving forward ourselves or others, is coupled with other skills like compromise, motivating and valuing others.


Whether we are children or adults, we are far more motivated to be helpful if we feel like we are appreciated and valued for our contribution. We can teach our children that lesson by including them in our experiences and tasks that we take part. It may be easier to “do it yourself”, but the experiences and the sweet taste of completion occur when we can share with others in a cooperative manner.


We can encourage cooperation in our children by sharing with them in the work and the rewards that come from working together to get the job done. It gives us the opportunity to point out their cooperation, motivate them to continue and appreciate them for the value they bring to the family. We are helping them draw out of themselves the valuable virtue of cooperation.

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