Practicing cooperation in life

Cooperation is about working together to get things done. As is the case with all of our virtues our practice at home prepares us for school, job and community service. Cooperation requires practicing other virtues like respect, helpfulness, and trust.


In our family we show we are practicing cooperation by helping with the jobs that benefit the entire family. If we are young, we may help set the table or clear the dishes at the end of a meal. We will pick up our toys and put them away. Cooperation is also doing things that help someone who is still learning. An older child may help a younger child tie shoes, read a book or play while the adults are working on another project.


In school, we have a team there too, all our classmates and teachers. We practice cooperation by showing respect for the rules of the school, handing out papers for the teacher and helping to clean up after an activity. Students cooperate while doing a project by listening to the ideas of others and participating in group discussions.


In our community we practice cooperation by joining other people to support a cause, clean up the beach or working on community activities. We cooperate with others to make any place safe and happy.
When we practice cooperation, we do not have to do everything ourselves. We trust that it is ok to help others complete their tasks and to ask for help when we need it.  Cooperating shows the strength of character and builds strong teams.

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