What virtues do you look for in a friend?

Friendship is one of those things in life that warms our very souls.  While we may have many acquaintances in our circles, having a true friend is very special.  There is the knowledge that our friend really cares about us and we trust them with our joys and sorrows without fear of judgement.

Choosing our friends then becomes a very important choice.  Our choice is a demonstration of who we are and the value we place on ourselves.  Each of us value different qualities in a friend.  Here is a list of character traits.  Which ones are important to you when it comes to friendship?

Now just as important as who our friend is deep inside is the question of how do we show our friendship?  Which of these qualities come natural for us and which ones would we like to grow and improve in?  When you meet someone for the first time, do you demonstrate friendliness?

We have heard that to have good friends we must be a good friend.  Friendship is based on mutual interest, care, respect and trust.  Choosing our friends is one of the most important decisions we can make.

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