Take a pause for the sake of dignity

Perception is everything, it colors everything that we see and understand.  It is very individual.  What we see that brings on fear to one person, may just be exciting to another person.  Our perception is formed by two factors.  The first factor is our imagination and the second is our experience.  When the two mix is when we come up with our perception – our reality.


When we look at others and their customs, through our own perceptions we can come away with opinions and ways of reacting that may not be treating the other person “like they matter”.  In this holiday season, with so many different celebrations, meanings and customs, it would be awesome if we could take a pause.


  • Let pause to understand where others are coming from
  • Let’s pause to see the ideas of others
  • Let’s pause before we speak and think about the impact

Dignity comes from treating ourselves and others like we are worthy of care and attention.

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