What will help to practice discipline?

BLS-gift-of-character-headerAt the beginning of our classes, we invite students to practice discipline with “We are going to control our mind, body and mouth.”   Sometimes I ask them which one is the hardest? For each of us the answer to that question may be different.   Invariably the students will say “mouth”. While I personally would agree with that answer, we can show discipline in many ways and for each of us the most difficult one may be different.

For some being still – physical stillness when needed is difficult. For others we may want to talk when it is appropriate to be quiet, and for others our mind may be off dreaming in another world when we need to focus on the task at hand. If we are able to keep our feet still, be quiet when we need to listen or focus with the eyes on the teacher – We are practicing discipline.

What techniques do you use to practice “discipline” or self control?   Do you exercise, step away to a quiet place, tell yourself to pay attention? Could you take a few deep breaths while you think about how you will conduct yourself or how you will speak to others. Knowing ourselves, and who we can be around, where we can be our best, and how we work at our best, will help us to learn and demonstrate our personal discipline.

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