The results of losing trustworthiness

When discussing the character trait of trustworthiness, all of our students agreed that being able to be counted on was important to our relationships, whether they were friends, teachers or parents.   We discussed multiple ways that a person could build that trust.  Telling the truth, being reliable and dependable, admitting when a mistake was made.

What was powerful about our discussion was one word that was used by a student when asked about what it feels like when you lose that ability to trust another person.  They said it was particularly true when the once trusted person was close to us, and they broke the trust.  The word they used was LONELY.

I thought about that for a minute and have to agree that the feeling of loneliness does overcome us when trust is broken.  We may feel like we are on an island, by ourselves, without support or the backing of those we once depended on for support.  We are going to feel distraught and distressed.  It is a moment that makes us stop and ponder all of our relationships.

Another student said it takes a long time to build the reputation of being trustworthy and a single quick moment to lose it.  Reminding the group that our most important team is our family, I also reminded them that building and keeping the trust of others in our family is one our most important task as a team member.  Being trustworthy helps others to know that they can count on us to make good choices and to tell the truth.