Family is our most important team

Jess & dad at ballgameWhile we will be on many teams in our life, ranging from sports to business – the most important team we will ever be on is the one that we are closest too – FAMILY. How do we demonstrate our teamwork with family members? What are the characteristics that we have within us that we can grow and show, that demonstrates teamwork.

A team is not just about one person, it is about working together in UNITY to reach a common goal. The team leaders (parents) need to agree on what they want the team to be known for and accomplish. Then the team (all family members) can work in UNITY with JOYFULNESS to accomplish those goals. Imagine if every family understood the PURPOSE of the team and then went about JOYFULLY working with others on the team, knowing that all of them were TRUSTWORTHY to do their part in reaching that goal.

All families can work like a great team, if they have a Mission, Vision, Core Values that everyone on the team (family) is working to fulfill. If our family is not working in UNITY at this time, could it be that not everyone is on the same page? They may not know what the vision is or what their role is in making that vision come true. Each of us can make our team stronger by doing our part or what is best for the team (family) with KINDNESS and LOVE. In fact just being GRATEFUL for our teammates is a good start to helping everyone on the team to reach the goal of the team.

Lets begin our journey of Family Teamwork by remembering that UNITY is a powerful virtue that brings people together, valuing them and practicing peace in all circumstances.

Did you notice the virtues / gifts of character that were in bold letters?