Gratitude or taken for granted?

grateful1When any person feels as though they are being taken for granted – it hurts.  None of us want to think that the services that we provide are just received without any thought of appreciation.  This is true in our personal relationships, with our children and in our career.

In reality though when things are going well – or the way we expect or would like them to go – we have a tendency to not notice or acknowledge.  When things do not go the way we wanted, expected or ‘need’ them to go – we are all over it.

This is the negative to positive ratio.  What do we generally see first when we are looking at our child’s report card?  (the positive or the negative, the A or the D).  When we looking at our child’s room (the clean or not clean)?  When do we speak up to an employee (when they made a mistake or given extra service)?  The list goes on.

What each of us crave is to experience the gratitude and appreciation of others.  Studies have shown though that each of us receive 7 times as many negative messages to the positive ones every day.   We have grown to expect that others will only see the negative (and comment on it) rather than see our gifts and positive contributions.

If you want to make a difference in the life of others – see the good in them first, before looking for their areas that may need growing.  Instead of focusing on how good we are – think about the good things that others have done for us.  Start with simple acts of gratitude – a smile, saying thank you, or writing a note of appreciation.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.
—William Arthur Ward