Time travel – what will health allow you to do?

Health-quote-1Health is not a character skill, virtue or value.  Health is not a moral or ethic that we live by.  Health is so very important to us and our well being in body, mind and spirit.  That is why reminding our students of the need to be healthy in all aspects of their life is a part of the Balanced Life Skills Way.

Where does this mind set begin?  It begins with appreciating that we only get one body to work with and having respect for that body is shown by the way that we treat it.  Are we eating the kind of foods that will nourish us?  Are we exercising on a regular basis to stay strong, and maintain the elasticity of our muscles?  Are we sleeping enough?  That means are we getting 7-9 hours of sleep as adults and 10-12 hours for our children.

The focus with our children and students will be ‘time-traveling’ into the future – to be sure that when we are out of childhood and into adulthood, possibly with our own children, that we are healthy and able to give them good lessons in staying healthy.

What does a healthy mind, body and spirit allow us to do in our family life?  With complete health what hobbies and recreation would you like to be able to do when you are older?  How will health help you in your career? Finally will you be able to do more for others if you are healthy yourself?

We look forward to this month of reminders about health, for our students and ourselves.