Who is responsible to do this job?

rake leavesAll of us have responsibilities / jobs / chores.  I have thought about how to help our students see that their responsibilities or jobs are just as important as those of their parents.  I have asked them what would happen if parents decided just not to go to work?  or to clean the house? or to drive them to an activity?  They agree that there would be chaos.

What would happen if no one took out the garbage?  did the dishes? brushed their teeth? went to school? fed the dog?

What would happen if teachers chose to not teach? just play all day? If waste collectors did not show up?  or You fill in the blank…..

When we think about the jobs that we do as adults and those that children are asked to do, the only difference is not if the job is important – the only difference answers the question;  Am I able and responsible enough to do the job?  If you are 8 years old you won’t be driving, but you could set the table.  If you are 12 years old you won’t be paying the mortgage – but you may be asked to keep the yard clean and green.

Who is responsible?  All of us are responsible for what we are able to do, been asked to do, or have promised to do.