Respectful actions shows others our feelings of value

respect loopThe demonstration of respect for others by sharing and taking turns says to the other person, “You matter.”  Learning to share for a very young person can be a difficult lesson for some.  Especially when we are young, the world naturally revolves around only one person – me.   But as our children get older, helping them to see the needs of others and even what they may want is part of their learning to respect or value those needs later.

Our children will learn that sharing and taking turns may not be the ‘fun’ thing to do at this moment.  Most likely though it is the fair thing to do. Gaining the reputation of being fair, of sharing and taking turns is a way of maintaining friendships.

Even the words we use when we are in conversation with others demonstrates respect.  Saying please and thank you, I am sorry, excuse me – are all ways that we show that we see the other person and their feelings as valuable.  It shows others that we that we want them to feel that we appreciate them and their needs and wants.

It is not just about knowing and practicing what is expected socially.  Good manners and being fair must become a part of who we are as a person – if the respect is not just a show for others, but rather is who we are as a person.