The opposite of bragging damages confidence too

Add text(1)We may not be the person who is bragging, but we may be affected by the behavior of others.  Bragging is really an attempt to put the other person down.  Just as dangerous to our confidence though is, if we were to diminish our own self.  If we were to look at another person’s skills or abilities and put ourselves down – thinking or saying “I’m no good because…”.

No matter who we are or what skill we are most proud of,  if we open our horizon enough, we will find others who are just as good or many times better than ourselves.  That is not a reason though to diminish our own efforts, skills or abilities.  Accepting who we are, being happy for others who also excel, and taking the challenge to improve ourselves in whatever way we would like to improve is a balanced way of being here in this world.

We get in trouble with ourselves when we ‘have to be better than’ anyone or everyone around us.   We get in trouble with ourselves when we look at other humans or families as a competition.  Our life does not need to be a competition – if it is we will eventually die “without enough”.  You have heard it said that no one gets on their deathbed and wishes they had spent more time at work, or with a bigger car or house.  Most of the time people wish they had more time with family and friends, enjoying the relationships or participating in an activity that they loved.

Life is not a competition for bigger things or even bigger accomplishments.  Life, at least in my point of view is about improving ourselves and those around us to the best of our ability.  Life and leadership is about being aware of and asking others how we can help them.  Life and love is not about getting – it is about giving.

Our confidence is driven by our commitment to our values, knowing that we are living by them, finding and practicing the things we are good at – a commitment to our mission, and being our own best person.  Live your life with confidence, be aware of the areas you might improve in, do the work of compassion and you will respected by others and yourself.