5 Keys to being persistent

persistence.jpgHow do we stay on task and on the path of achieving our goal.  Our own commitment to the goal is very important but these 5 resources will help us continue – be persistent – on this path.

Support – also known as cooperation of others.  Having others in our circle of influence who know what our goal is and who have similar goals can be a big support to us achieving our goal.   They can spark our imagination and encourage us in times when we are lacking motivation.
Passion – also known as desire.  The strength of our desire – how bad do we want to achieve this goal is often answered by the question Why.  Why do we desire to accomplish this goal.  Our answer to this question will be our reminder when we have a failure or are frustrated by disappointment.
Action – also known as initiative.  Taking the initiative, the first step gets us headed toward results.  The opposite to this is procrastination, but once we start it is easier to stay committed and keep the ball rolling.
Reason – also know as our Why?  when our mission, purpose or goal is fixed in our mind and held there, it saturates our entire subconscious until it influences the actions of our physical body toward the achieving of our goal.
Knowledge – also known as skills.  We may have a goal, but not the skill or knowledge needed to achieve our goal.  As we gain the knowledge, skills and experience, we are able to see the possibilities of achievement.

The success of us staying persistent in achieving our goals is not just about us.  When we include others they can support our efforts as we stay focused on what it is we would like to achieve within reason.

What is your goal?  Are you gathering around you others to cooperate with you, checking in on your desire and reason for this goal every day, taking the initiative to gain the skills and to practice them on a regular basis.  True success in life starts with knowing what we want – but is only gained when we daily are persistent and gain the support of others.