Understanding Optimism For Our Children

Optimism posterHow does your child cope when things do not go their way? Is there the pouting and moping around kind of attitude? Is there a pervasive, “I never win.”, I’m so unlucky”, Nothing ever goes my way.” kind of attitude?

Those who think this way, who believe the that life is destined to be bad forever, that bad things are going to keep happening – are showing pessimism. Why am I so concerned about this? Studies show that children who begin their life with this kind of attitude or who are surrounded by those who think in these catastrophic ways, are more inclined to dealing with depression in their teens, continuing into their adult life.

What everyone of us needs is not another excuse about why things did not go our way – but rather “hope” – hope that things will get better. We need a belief that there is a bright side. We need,  in a positive way to look at our goals and pick ourselves up and dust off and then go after our goal with the attitude of determination.  That is optimism.

On Wednesday March 12 at Balanced Life Skills we will have a 30 minute presentation on the “A,B,C’s of Optimism”. Optimism is one of the my 4 key needs everyone of us must have to build resilience from the adversity we meet in our everyday life.