Strengths or weaknesses – Determination wins!

Strengths-and-Weaknesses-DirectionEven when we have a goal in mind it may seem that some things come easier for us than others and that can be hard to understand.  However all of us have strengths and weaknesses, and the real question is how well we know ourselves and what are we doing to live up to our potential, using our strengths and not allowing our weaknesses to hold us back.

Strengths are talents that we have that just seem to come naturally to us.  Skills are different than strengths in that skills are things that if you wanted to learn you could take the time and learn to accomplish.  Strengths are innate, while skills are learned.

Weaknesses on the other hand are things that you have the power to improve in yourself.  It may be a professional or social skill or it could be not being able to restrain yourself from eating, but in the end the weakness is a habit that could be changed or a life lesson that you could have learned and not made the same mistake over and over again.

Determination can strengthen all the innate abilities or strengths that you have.  Determination will give you a decided edge in all of the areas that you naturally excel at.  Determination will also help you to improve the areas that may seem weak.  If you are determined to accomplish a goal – even if it looks like you do not have the natural ability to do so – with practice, asking for assistance and staying focused, you will very likely come out with a victory.

Determination Wins!!