How to Search Your Brain For Positive Results

how-to-handle-negative-people-at-the-office-dale-carnegie-new-jerseyHow is it that in a classroom or an office there is always one person that can find the negative things that could happen that day or on this project or if we go in that direction? How often does that attitude of negativity dampen the spirits of others around them? Is it not refreshing when one or more others step up and insist on looking at our work or our lives in a more positive manner?

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. Where do those negative thoughts come from then that control our emotions and feelings? From the same place that the positive ones come from – the questions we ask ourselves.

Our brain is just like Google – the information we get out is only as good as the search term we put in. So if we ask Google for information on “tae kwon do” we will get information on tae kwon do. It may also give us on other forms of martial arts too – but we will not get information on knitting!

brain-questions-300x201Our brain works in the same manner. It will look for the answers to the questions we ask it. If we tell ourselves, “We are going to have a terrible day!”, our brain looks for all the reasons we will have a terrible day and will give us a long list that we are there to approve. However if we ask, “What is great about today?”, our brain will search for answers to that question. Those answers will become your reality. Your focus on positive thoughts become your feelings and emotions, which in turn become your reality.

Give it a try!

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