Teaching Anger Management to Students

Respect, Empathy, Self-Control
Respect, Empathy, Self-Control

When we talked about self control last month we used the S.T.E.P. method, Stop, Think, Evaluate and Proceed. So when we look at the subject of anger we will first stop and look at what makes us angry and where we feel it, along with how we see others show their anger. Then we will think about how to manage our anger in a safe and appropriate manner. The next step would be to evaluate what is happening and what are some solutions that would help us manage our anger. Finally we would proceed and check in to see if what we did worked and what we learned for next time.

This month we are going to work on some calming strategies with our students too. Here is a note of caution though. We will practice relaxing and breathing techniques to release anger. The practice of these is just that, a practice. The more we practice breathing techniques when we are not at a very high emotional state, the better they will work when things are in a high emotional state. We cannot expect to take 3 deep breaths only when we are angry and expect that we are going to get great results the first time.

When we get to that part of our work this month, remember to take some time each day to sit, watch your breath for a few minutes, with or without some soft music and make this a practice. I look forward to sharing with everyone some thoughts on anger management this month.

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