Suicide Prevention Training – Annapolis MD

Suicide is a major, preventable mental health problem.  In 2009, 14.4 percent of all deaths of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 occurred with completed suicides.  Here is what is important to understand.  While it may seem common, it is not a healthy or typical response to stress.

While many of us could recognize some of the risk factors such as depression, substance abuse, prior attempts there are many others that may occur in combination or change over time.  Many people may have these risk factors and not be suicidal.  So how are we to know when to speak up and how to do so?

There are signs that we can look for and more important there is help available.  Balanced Life Skills is dedicated to the health of our children in the community and is offering a FREE seminar that will get rid of the myths that are commonly believed about suicide.  The training is offered to everyone in the community, because just as with CPR, the more of us who are trained in knowing the signs and what to do when we see them – the more lives can be saved, not just of our youth but all in our community.

Please join us Saturday November 10 @ 10:30 AM

Training by Marcie Gibbons, Spaulding High School, Psychologist

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