Life Skills: Trustworthiness – The Definition

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Teaching character and life skills to students


Each month we define and discuss a word of character development and life skill with all of our students.

This month the word is Trustworthiness and will be defined this way.

Young students: Trustworthiness means, “You can count on me, to do the right thing.”

Older students: Trustworthiness means:  Worthy of trust by being Reliable, Accountable and Dependable. (RAD)

Here are the worksheets for our students:

Trustworthiness Project Tiger Tot

Trustworthiness Project 5-6 year olds

Trustworthiness Project 7-12

Trustworthiness Project Teen : Adults

If you would like to see how we will talk about TRUSTWORTHINESS with our students please follow our discussions here during the month of May or come in and TRY A CLASS.


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