Become a QPR Gatekeeper

Please find attached an invitation to attend a very important information session for parents of children of all ages.  For the last three years a number of individuals and groups of public and private sector have made an impact in Anne Arundel County Public Schools training all teachers and school personell how to recognize the warning signs and how to respond to suicidal ideation and communication.

QPR Gatekeeper Training Flyer

Balanced Life Skills is making this available for all of our parents and anyone in the public that would like to learn to possibly prevent a possible tragedy.  We have arranged it during class time at the school and encourage you to take part in this session.  You will receive easy to understand information and a booklet with a list of warning signs, how to get help and a list of resources that you may need.

QPR Gatekeeper Training Flyer

Please open the attachment and see which date would be best for you.  All trainings are offered for free as they are funded by the Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Grant.
Thank you for taking the time to learn how you might save a life.

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