Life Skills: Loyalty to our Community

Teaching character and life skills to students

Today we asked an interesting question to our students about loyalty in the classroom and their schools.  What if you saw someone writing in a library book or on the walls in your school?  What would you do?  The comments went from telling them to stop it, asking them to stop and then be more firm about it, to telling the teacher.  The courage it takes to speak up for what is the right thing to do can only be taught from their own personal sense of right and wrong.  How and why they stand up is just as important.  So we discussed the difference of tattling and reporting to the teacher.  One student stated that tattling is with the hope to get the other student in trouble, while reporting is doing what is right.

Loyalty to our school and community would encourage us to keep the library books clean and available to everyone else.   Showing respect for our environment, both the green one and our surroundings, encourages us to be loyal to the value of keeping things neat and clean for everyone.   So we would tell an authority if we need to about any crossing of that line.

What communities do each of us belong to that we can show loyalty and how do we show loyalty?  Discussing this with our children will give them the courage to stand up for and be loyal to all of their communities that support them.  I believe it is our communities that help to strengthen us and our children into being better citizens.

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